Scott Farley (whose class I don’t know, but I think it is ’03) is the son of football coach Dick Farley. He is currently finishing week 1 of summer camp for the Patriots. Of course, the number of Williams football players that have ever made an NFL team can be counted quickly (those with the actual details should send them in), but Farley seems to have a chance. The fan web site notes that:

The Patriots will also be trying out two other safeties, both undrafted rookie free agents. Scott Farley (#43) comes from Williams College where he was a team co-captain and three-way player, logging time on offense (receiver), defense (safety) and special teams (coverage and punt returner). He led his team as a senior with four interceptions and 35 tackles from the safety position.

and concludes by predicting that

Prediction: Last year, the Patriots kept five safeties. This year’s quintet will be Milloy and Harrison at the top of the depth chart followed by the versatile Harris and newcomers Akins and Morris. Morris has logged time with a regular defense that Cherry has simply not been able to achieve during his time in New England making him in particular more valuable as a true backup in addition to his special teams prowess. Cherry also just turned 30 while Akins is 26 and Morris 25. The versatile Farley has a good chance at a practice squad position, where he can gain some experience to make up for a lack of “big time” competition at Williams.

Good luck to Farley.

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