There were a bevy of 89’ers at Naree Wongse-Sanit’s recent wedding. Over the next few days, I hope to post some more material. All of this can be seen as a prelude to the blogging activities for the 15th year reunion for the class of 1989.

Among the attendees was Tim Dailey ’89. Tim, who spent some time among the elite group of Jake House groupies, is now running his own consulting/banking firm, ClearCreek Partners. Their web site reports that:

ClearCreek Partners is a consulting firm that works with privately-held companies preparing to raise $5 – $50 million in capital or engage in M&A transactions. ClearCreek sources its clients through a referral-only network and puts all companies through a rigorous screening process prior to engagement. ClearCreek provides financial advisory services, business plan refinement, presentation coaching, and institutional investor introductions.

Tim is married to a business school classmate and has two young children.

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