In regard to the post below, a correspondent sent in the following:


I enjoyed your editorial on Williams’ gift of $250k to Mt Greylock. This sounds like nepotism to me. Morty and a number of other faculty members elect to send their kids to Mt Greylock — rather than dish out substantial private school tuition. Why not subsidize Mt Greylocks’ quality of education using OAM (other alumna money) rather than personally paying tuition at private schools? Hmmm…how convenient. I would rather see this $250k be used to subsidize tuition for low-income Williams students.

Anonymous (I’d like my kids to attend Williams some day…)


1) It’s not an “editorial”, just an observation.

2) I am more charitable then this writer in assessing the motives of Morty and other members of the administration. (Does anyone know the person who is in charge of this sort of giving at the College?) Then again, what was that Madison quote that I leaned about in Political Science 101? “If men were angels . . .”

3) I want my kids to attend Williams some day too! Perhaps there is a lesson for me in this writer’s discretion . . .

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