Just to prove that we cover the full spectrum of post-Williams career paths, here is an announcement about the appointment of Jeffrey Stiefler as president, chairman and CEO of Digital Insight. For those who don’t follow eFinance that closely, Digital Insight is:

Digital InsightŪ Corporation (Nasdaq:DGIN) is a leading eFinance enabler for visionary financial institutions. Through its comprehensive portfolio of outsourced, Internet-based financial products and services built upon the company’s unique architecture, Digital Insight moves banks and credit unions beyond Internet banking to become the trusted transaction hub for their retail and commercial customers.

Translation: They create software that helps small banks and thrifts provide services like internet banking. I have my doubts about the short term prospects of Digital Insight. There stock was up a bit to 20.36 on news of Stiefler’s appointment. If the stock is above 20 a year from now, I would say that he has done a fine job.

I could only find one minor reference to Stiefler at the Williams web site, as chair of planned giving for the class of 1968. The class-warriors among you (and those involved with major gifts at the alumni fund) will be interested to note that Stiefler was paid a ton of money while he was president of American Express in the mid 1990’s. (This is a matter of public record because of the SEC filings that American Express made at the time.)

I don’t know anything about Stiefler activities at Williams, or even if he was at his 35th reunion last June.

In any event, it is pleasing to see the broad spectrum of activities — from rock-star to CEO — that Williams graduates are engaged in.

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