Bill Simon ’73 is running for governor of California. The New Yor Times summarized his candidacy thus:

Mr. Simon, 52, knocked off the White House’s preferred candidate (Richard J. Riordan) in the primary and then went on to lose to Governor Davis in November. He does have some things going for him. He is a millionaire businessman. He undoubtedly has learned a lesson or two from November. And he insisted last year that Mr. Davis was not being truthful about the state’s budget woes. He was proved to be right.


1) I think that I need a job as a “millionaire businessman.” Why didn’t Fatma Kassamali tell me about this career path at OCS? ;-)

2) Why the NYT doesn’t mention Simon’s Williams degree as a key advantage is beyond me.

3) Despite having opinions on many topics political, we at the Williams Blog have no idea what the best strategy would be for Simon. Since there are only 6 weeks left till the election, readers should send in their suggestions soon . . .

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