There’s a nice article in The Transcript about JA’s. It is especially nice to see that the competition for a JA position is as intense as ever, with 150 applicants for 50 spots. Oldtimer’s will recall the mini-controversy from a few years back about whether or not the College should pay JA’s, or perhaps at least give them a break on room and board. After all, given how much time JA’s spend doing JA stuff and how important that stuff is, wouldn’t it make sense to compensate them for it, especially the JA’s that are on financial aid and have to work other jobs on campus?

The College, wisely, decided not to go this route. I believe that there was wide-spread agreement at the time that the current system worked fine. Having the JA’s as paid employees of the college would change their relationship with the first years, as well as opening a liability can of worms that the college would rather keep shut. Moreover, we should probably worry about the types of people who would apply for a JA job if the position were paid, but who currently don’t. Ideally, you want all your JA’s to be the kind of people who would want the job even if it were unpaid. The best way to do that is, of course, to not pay them.

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