Lindsay Morehouse ’00 died 2 years ago today in the attack on the World Trade Center. I think that 4 other Ephs died that day, but I can’t confirm it. The New York Times article on Lindsay, from their Portraits of Grief series, is heartbreaking, like hundreds of other such articles.

Lindsay Morehouse, 24, was the archetypal young New Yorker: starting a career as a research assistant at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, sharing an Upper East Side apartment with two roommates, jogging in Central Park, spending summer weekends at her childhood home in Connecticut, organizing friends to go hear her favorite band.

Ms. Morehouse was an only child who had recently volunteered to be a Big Sister. She was unusually close to her mother, Kathy Maycen, and her best friend, Sara Sparks, whom she met at boarding school. “When she had boyfriend trouble, I’d ask what her mom said before giving her my advice,” Ms. Sparks said. “Her mom was her bestest, bestest friend. They talked five times a day.”

Ms. Morehouse was the event planner in her circle, and she brought so many friends to hear her favorite band, Seeking Homer, that the band agreed to play at her graduation from Williams College two years ago. On Oct. 18, they will play for her again, at a tribute at the Mad River Bar and Grill, an Upper East Side hangout.

I didn’t know Lindsay, but, in reading about her and the other Eph victims in the Alumni Review, I was struck by how easily it could have been my mother (New York City professional) or my wife (tennis playing Williams graduate) or my daughter (frequent flyer out of Boston) killed on that fateful day.

Semper Fidelis

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