The College has kicked off a new round of fund raising. The Berkshire Eagle reports:

Williams College declared its commitment to remain the top liberal arts college in the nation yesterday, announcing a five-year, $400 million fund-raising campaign to build three new facilities and bolster the college’s curriculum and financial aid funding.

The campaign began with a weekend of events for alumni volunteers and college officials. The official kickoff was yesterday morning at Chapin Hall, with a program built around the campaigned motto, “Climb Far,” which is taken from an inscription at the college’s Hopkins Gate.

Note that this is a much more aggressive campaign that the Third Century Campaign of 10 years ago. It raised less than $200 million. The Record also has an article on of the campaign:

Alumni of the College will play an important role as donors and solicitors in the success of this initiative. A large majority of the alumni will make donations to the College through the Alumni Fund, while a selected few alumni, parents and friends of the College will be asked by the College to make donations to support one of the three building projects.

So expect to see those mailings from the alumni office any day now . . .

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