Interesting article in the Record today on the book “Reclaiming the Game,” discussed here earlier in the week. The Record notes:

President Schapiro said Bowen makes a compelling case in Reclaiming the Game, but that Williams has already examined the issues over the last couple of years.

“If it’s a wake-up call, it is certainly not to Williams College,” Schapiro said. “The institutions that haven’t had active discussion of these issues might be spurred on. We’re not one of them.”


The book makes extensive use of the “Report on Varsity Athletics” written by the ad hoc committee, as well as reports by Middlebury and Amherst. President Schapiro said he was glad the authors used the Williams report as “we have nothing to hide.”

Hmmmm. Certainly the issue of athletics at Williams has been a lively one over the last few years at Williams. But does the college really have “nothing to hide?” If so, I would like to know the following.

1) Of the 65 tips in this year’s first year class, what is the breakdown by gender and sport?

2) What was the average SAT score and high school class rank of the 65 tips? How do their academic credentials compare to the other 450 members of the class.

3) The book makes clear that high profile men’s sports (football and hockey) are very special cases. What is the average SAT score and high school class rank of members of these teams? What is their average Williams GPA? Do these numbers differ significantly between starters and back up players?

Again, “nothing to hide” is an extreme claim. The College could just say, “We do fine and the rest is none of your business.” But, if you want to grab the moral high ground, you better be sure where you stand . . .

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