Long time Blog readers will know that know that one of the best features of this cite was the series of Eph Blurbs that we published in conjunction with the 15th year reunion of the class of 1988. An “Eph Blurb” is a summary of what you have been up to since graduation and/or your thoughts and reflections on life at Williams. Classes having “major” reunions — mainly the 25th and 50th — often put together these sorts of entries for everyone in the class.

You can check out some of the blurbs we received here.

Jody Abzug
Scott Berman
Julie Cranston
Laura Gasiorowski
Nora Harrington
Tracy Heilman
Chris Jones
David Kane
Suz MacCormac
Nicole Melcher
Ben Miller
Bill Pike
George Tolley

It turns out that Eph Blurbs are an old tradition. In fact, the class of 1863 (!) solicited them for their 40th reunion in 1903. Although I haven’t had a chance to read through all of them, my favorite so far is from Wilbur Fisk Corliss. Corliss notes

The reason that I have not complied more promptly to your request for copy’ is, that I have been trying to get more hair on my head for a photograph. How can a man have justice done him when he is developing a bare spot on the top of his head as big as a tin pan? I have divided the top of my head into two hemispheres; the eastern portion I have given to my tonsorial friend Alphonse, the western portion to his rival Henri, and I am looking with great interest for the results. I have informed them that if they do not hurry up, a whole volume of most enchanting reading will be delayed.

I understand where you are coming from Wilbur, and I am only at the 15th reunion mark! His entire entry is worth reading. Note especially that the old Eph network was alive and well, even in those days.

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