In order to better evaluate the current campus controversy, it is helpful to see the e-mails in context. Here is Winstanley’s original all-campus e-mail. (Note that all quoted sections below are accurate, with misspellings and bad grammar unchanged.)

Do you find David Bowie incredibly sexy?

Do you still wear leg warmers and fishnets?

Do you have more bracelets than Madonna in Like a Virgin?

Are you not a virgin?

Do you want to see Williams students shed their fleece jackets in favor of semi-nudity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you definitely want to come down to the glam-rock fantastic QUEER BASH – TONIGHT at GOODRICH from 10-2. Rockin music and wild wild people… It just doesn=B9t get any better.

All of which seems reasonable. Pritchard’s response, however, is not.

Why dont u faggots keep to ur god damn selves. You people disgust me. I keep my heterosexuality to myself. Why dont you queers keep to yourselves. I almost threw up when i saw all that crap you people wrote on the sidewalks last week. You’re all goin to hell. It was adam and eve, not adam and steve.

-Jon Pritchard

Winstanley responded to Pritchard with:

Your email has been forwarded to the deans office, the president and the committee on diversity. You should have done a better job on your grammar.

Do not email me back.

-Nate Winstanley

It is unclear to me whether Pritchard and Lucien were aware of each other. Campus civility is, obviously, under much more threat if two students, acting independently, both thought to respond to Winstanley in a similar manner. In any event, Lucien, in reply to the all campus mailing, wrote:

i thought of an idea, an email such as this one must NEVER be sent to me again, never. therefore, i am saying: take me off of the queer bash party list and all other queer events.

most grateful,


Winstanley responded with:

It was an all campus email, filtered by WSO for content.

If it offends you, delete it.

I’d rather not get emails from a lot of groups, but I deal.

And so should you.


Lucien seems less than pleased with this suggestion. He responds with:

or another idea: send ur flippin emails ta all ur queer friends and no one
else…BINGO (the light goes on)

deal that

And that is the record of events, as best I can determine.

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