On the charity front, Brooks Foehl ’88 was kind enough to point out that the Alumni Fund actually raised $7 million last year, not the $1 million that I claimed. Either way, I am still suspicious of the College’s gift of $1 million to North Adams Regional Hospital for the same reasons that I was suspicious of the College’s gifts to Greylock High School.

The article quotes Helen Ouellette, Vice President for Administration and Treasurer of Williams College, as saying:

“For more than a century, North Adams Regional has been where members of this community have come to give birth, receive critical help, treat emergencies, and, more recently, be guided on how to keep themselves well. A healthy hospital is essential to a healthy community.”

All of which is true. The problem is that there are many, many things that are essential to a healthy community. Should Williams be paying for them all? Just how “unhealthy” would the hospital be if Williams declined top contribute?

When I initially blogged about charitable giving in the context of a $250,000 gift to help Mount Greylock High School, some might have accused me of churlishness. “Come on Dave, who cares about 250k?” But, $1 million raises the bar quite a bit. My next research project will be to find out how much the College gives to charity. I would hope that this information is not secret.

I’ll also note that the College’s extensive and well-organized collection of new releases features nothing on the topic of the College’s charitable giving.

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