There is so much interesting stuff in this week’s Record that it is hard to know where to begin. Moreover, I still haven’t finished going through all the material from last week’s issue. In any event, a nice place to begin is with Aidan’s thoughts on standards of conduct at Williams. Aidan concludes that:

Williams is teaching us a very dishonest lesson: the content of your beliefs doesn’t matter as long as you keep your mouth shut, your smile fixed and your trite banalities close at hand. William Blake once said, “opposition is true friendship,” and how can we grow if we are afraid to disagree? Free speech might sometimes be uncomfortable or even offensive, but it prevents Williams from becoming a dead community, one that does not tolerate dissent.

The whole article is worth reading. Of course, some opinions have always been more equal than others at Williams. It is hard to worry too much about this when the editor of the Record is an out of the closet conservative, but the cases of Pritchard and Lucien are still important. Any disciplinary action that the College takes against them, especially Lucien, could not help but to have a chilling effect.

Finley’s concerns are further evidence, as if any were needed, that the intellectual life of the College would be richer if there were more ideological diversity within the faculty.

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