Continuing my review of the most action-packed Record story of the year (on the controversy surrounding QBE — Queer Bash E-mails), we come to:

Stephen Collingsworth, coordinator of queer issues and assistant director of the Multicultural Center (MCC), echoed the need for education on campus and said he e-mailed the two first years, offering “to help them with any issues they might have”.

“Issues they might have”? Isn’t that just swell? I can just imagine Lucien and Pritchard opening their e-mail and seeing a message from Collingsworth with such an offer. Of course, their immediate reaction would be to see the error of their ways and reach out for help . . .

Yeah, right.

Long time blog readers will recall that I had some thoughts on Collingsworth before.

Assume for a moment that Collingsworth’s approach to Pritchard and Lucien was as ham-handed as the Record makes it appear. On one level, the problem is that we have an official of the college who clearly has no idea how best to change the mindset (ideally) or behavior (minimally) of a couple of garden variety homophobes. On a more fundamental level, however, the question is why Williams has bureaucrats like Collingsworth at all. Shouldn’t his role (potentially an important and valuable one) be filled by a member of the faculty? Wouldn’t almost any member of the faculty, say Tim Cook, do a much better job?

Apologies to Collingsworth if the Record mischaracterized his approach to Lucien and Pritchard.

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