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Long Knives

One of thing to be aware of in the Barnard/VISTA dispute is that the long knives are certainly out for Barnard. Note how the article in the Transcript ends:

Williams spokesman James Kolesar said the college had no plans to take any formal action against Barnard.

Williams Athletic Director Harry Sheehy also ruled out disciplinary action right now.

“I know Dave is not a racist,” Sheehy was quoted as saying in the Record. “My guess is if Dave felt like students were upset, he would take that to heart.”

Barnard is the winningest coach in Ephs history. The Williams College baseball team has no Latin American players.

Of course, everything here is the “truth,” but note how the Transcript’s framing implies that one of the reasons that the College is taking no action against Barnard is because he has been so successful. A reporter more sympathetic to Barnard would have either omitted this fact (how is it relevant?) or placed it somewhere else in the story.

However, if you believe that Barnard’s record is not irrelevant to how the College handles this matter, then the placement makes sense.

I also wonder how the Transcript knows that the College has no Latin American players. Of course, you can see last years roster on the web, but just because someone’s current hometown is, say, Acton, MA, one can’t assume that he was born and raised there.

Moreover, what possible relevance does the lack of Latin American players on the baseball team at Williams have for the issue at hand, unless you want to imply that Barnard is a racist who not only makes despicable comments but also actively discriminates in organizing the Williams baseball team? How many Latin American students at Williams play on other teams? How many Williams students were even born in Latin America?

As a side note, this all might provide a perfect opportunity for Barnard to go a get some Latin American players — perhaps similar to the set up whereby men’s soccer brings in students from Jamaica. I, for one, would be eager to see my alumni fund contributions. meager though they are, spent on a full scholarship for some poor kid from, say, the Dominican Republic who was a) smart enough to go to Williams and b) able and eager to play baseball for Barnard.

Actually, a) would be enough for me, but one way of finding such 17 year-olds in out of the way places is to incentivise a guy like Barnard to go out and look for them. I wonder how the men’s soccer Jamaican connection was originally set up . . .