It is always fun to see what Ephs are up to. This story features a nice description of the life of young staffers on the presidential campaigns in Iowa. Jamiyl Peters ’02 and Jonathan Pahl ’03 earn a brief mention:

Jamiyl Peters, 23, who had driven to Des Moines from Washington two days earlier, made his way through the smoky, crowded room. At the bar, he ran into a classmate from Williams College he hadn’t seen in over a year. “What are you doing here?” Mr. Peters asked. The friend, Jonathan Pahl, it turned out, was working for Senator Edwards in Sioux City, Iowa. “It’s good to know there is still a familiar face so far away from home,” said Mr. Peters, who until recently had worked on the Kerry campaign in Washington.

Howard Dean, of course, has the savviest internet operation of any candidate. I don’t know if any Ephs are involved.

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