Attentive readers will have noted that the “quote” from Music Professor David Kechley was a parody — not of Kechley but of the claim that Williams treats exceptional-in-other-than-academic-skills students similarly. Varsity level athletes, especially, impact athletes that have the talent to make the list of “tips,” are treated completely differently from similarly talented musicians. The real Kechley notes that:

As far as the “quote” it appears to be all in fun all right except that some people actually think that the music department gets tips which in fact we do not, at least not in any form one might associate with athletics. Perhaps you know this and this “quote” is a way of making that point. However, I am not sure that it does. So what I am saying is fun is fun, but this subject is something of a sore one with me since I have a hard time justifying the double standard that now exists.

I do too. Recall President Schapiro’s claim on this point:

“We look for students with very good records who are going to contribute to life here,” Schapiro said. “But why make more of a concession for an athlete than for a great violinist? We don’t. We’re rededicating ourselves to making no greater tradeoffs for athletics than for anything else.”

Kechley, at least, failed to get the word that great violinists are treated just the same as great football players.

Again, I don’t think that President Schapiro is the bad guy here. Note his use of “rededicating.” I think (although I have no evidence for this claim) that he played a part in the recent decrease in the number of tips and that we will see a further decrease in coming years.

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