One of the best Eph blogs is by Aidan. In particular, his blogroll (list of other blogs that he links to) has an entire collection of “Williamsania” links including ones that I have linked to before (Mike Needham ’04 and Daniel Drezner ’90) and ones that I didn’t know about (Miles Klee ’07 and Godfrey Bakuli ’07).

One common feature of the Blogoshere is that a particular blogger will sometimes take up a particular topic and become the source on that topic, the one place you need to go to find anything and everything about it. Finley has become that source on the St. Anthony Hall controversy. The best place to start is probably with his op-ed in the Record. The key paragraph is:

One of the reasons I applied to Williams, and one of the reasons I wanted to come to Williams was precisely because this place was fraternity free. I didn’t want my social life intertwined with pledging, hazing, racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and the rest of the “community values” fraternities’ offer. I embraced the College’s elimination of these pernicious organizations from campus. I am not happy to discover that I have been duped, that the College has tacitly allowed an “underground” fraternity for thirty years, negotiating with its national board over purchasing the goat room, looking happily the other way as class after class of Williams students graduated with “secret” fraternity members, making a yearly lie of our paper pledge.

Although it is not clear to me that St. Anthony Hall is currently racist, sexist or anti-Semitic (I believe that it has female, non-white and Jewish members), it is tough to argue with Finley’s main point.

He has other thoughts on the topic here and his latest posting features some great history on the fraternity, formerly known as Delta Psi.

Although my sources are not nearly as good as Finley’s, they are older, so I can report that Delta Psi (“The Saint’s House”) had non-white members more than 40 years.

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