If you have a few spare thousand dollars lying around, you might want to participate in this auction.

On a hot July day in 1859, the great collegiate sports rivalry between Amherst College and Williams College was born in the first intercollegiate game of ”base ball” ever played. Amherst won the game, 73 to 32, and also defeated Williams in a chess match the next day.

A newspaper account of the historic event is up for auction in New York City next month. The auction copy of ”The Amherst Express Extra” extolling the contests of ”Muscle and Mind” has a presale estimate of $4,000 to $6,000, according to the catalog of the Swann Galleries for the Thursday auction.

Do Williams and Amherst still play chess matches? In any muscle/mind contest, I would certainly bet on our baseball coach over their baseball coach . . .


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