Leigh Perkins ’50, owner of Orvis, has a nice write-up in the New York Times. My favorite part is:

Today, I spend at least 285 days a year hunting or fishing. I consider myself an example of our customer. To that end, I’ve traveled all over the world. One memorable trip was a bird-hunting expedition to Botswana. One of the pigeons I shot had these big white nuts in its crop. I asked one of the guides if they were good to eat and he said, “I guess so; the dove ate them.” So I ate three.

When we got back to camp, an experienced hunter, who was also a naturalist, told me that the nuts were poisonous. If cattle ate them, they died. I drank some salt water and went off into the brush to make myself sick. The hunter came running over and said, “If the hyenas hear you are sick, they’ll tear you apart.” That taught me to more careful.

It is fun to surf around the Orvis website and see how they cut across the usual political fault lines. After all, you have to love a company that sells enough guns to warm the heart of any Nantional Rifle Association member while simultaneously engaging in conservation efforts near and dear to the World Wildlife Federation.

Note that the President and CEO of Orvis is now Leigh’s son, Perk Perkins ’75. How long is it before I can get my own children to take over my job?


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