Fountains of Wayne, led by Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood (both ’89), has been nominated for a Grammy for best new artist. The Boston Globe comments:

Fountains of Wayne might be the most bizarre choice in any of the categories. They’ve actually been around for seven years (the band’s core songwriters, Adam Schlesinger and Chris Collingwood, originally met at Williams College in the late ’80s). Grammy voters have had a history of strange picks in this category, highlighted a couple of years ago by Shelby Lynne, who had also been around for many years.

The FOW web site has lots of interesting stuff. My favorite part is:

On their long-awaited third album, Welcome Interstate Managers, Fountains Of Wayne tackle such time-honored pop subjects as love, work, frustrated commuters, drunken salesmen, retired airline pilots, pressured quarterbacks, bad waitresses, vegan entrepreneurs, clip-on ties, exploding cell phones, lawn mowing, vacations without the kids, New England snowstorms, lousy directions, and, of course, Face The Nation.

With any luck, the class of 1989 15th year reunion committee will be able to convince Adam and Chris to do at least a song or two next June. And, all of we long-time ’89 hanger-ons hope to see a repeat of the YMCA sing-along (led by?) that was a high point of the 5th year reunion back in 1994.

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