There is a nice feel good story in The Transcript about how Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity is building a house for Angela Copeland and her four sons. The Williams connection is that Copeland works in the registrar’s office and 3 (unnamed) Williams students helped with the design of the house. The article notes that:

The news comes as a far cry from the position the single mother found herself in back in February 1987.

Then, the North Adams resident was 17, and she had just given birth to the first male triplets to be born in North Berkshire since 1914. But she had been dropped from welfare because some forms had not been filled out while she was in the hospital to give birth to her sons two months prior.

Next, the water pipes in Copeland’s apartment building froze and burst, so the city had to shut off the water main for the entire building. The following day, city’s acting building inspector, Paul Matrigali, found walls, windows, a ceiling and a split water tank in need of immediate repair. Her gas was shut off because the heater needed to be fixed.

Copeland stayed with a series of family members while searching for another place to live, leaving her belongings in the locked Pebble Street apartment. One by one, a washing machine, pots and pans, and a crib were stolen.

When our first daughter was born, my wife and I were overwhelmed even though there were 3 of us (including her mother) to care for a single child. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for a single mother at 17 with triplets and without a place to live . . .

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