Ephs for Dean continues to gather momentum. Walker Waugh ’02 gets a brief mention in a long New York Times Magazine article.

There seems to be something in Dean’s personality that inspires this sort of response. Although his spontaneous, unscripted manner has led some critics to label him as erratic, gaffe-prone and even mean-spirited, the young people at the Dean offices often compare the former governor to a favorite uncle, and speak tenderly about his frayed sweaters and raincoats. They think his jokes are funny. I watched one evening as Walker Waugh, a recent graduate of Williams College, sat wrapped in a blanket in front of a bank of televisions at the Burlington headquarters, laughing hysterically at footage of a 1993 Dean appearance on public access TV that he had been assigned to catalog. ”I’m sending this to all my boys,” he said. ”They’ll love it.”

The entire article is well-done. Alas, it’s focus is on the technical youngsters who are making many of Dean’s innovations possible. Perhaps if Waugh were more technical (perhaps a computer science major?), he would have gotten more attention.

One of the reasons that I was a philosophy major was that I figured that I would leave the technical stuff to the technical guys. I wanted to think about the structure of a just society. It was only latter in life that I learned that technical people run the world . . .

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