Eric Smith ’99 has a new LiveJournal home. If I were as savvy as Aidan, I would have a blogroll of Eph blogs to which this could be added. You can tell that Eric must be a smart guy because: 1) He lives in Bermuda, and 2) He is enganged to an Eph.

Eph women make the best wives.

Compliment or insult? I write, you decide.


On the topic of his current job, Eric writes:

I am the guy that people call when they can’t get Outlook to open correctly. I am the guy that people call when they need someone to move a monitor. I am the person that people call when they just bought a new mp3 player and they want me to install the software for it and then show them how to use it . . . as if I somehow either enjoy that or even want to do it.

Funny, but that sure does sound like my role in the Kane Family household. Not that I am complaining!

Eric is definitely well-prepared for life as a married Eph. I look forward to seeing his wedding picture in the Alumni Review.

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