Mike Needham ’04 is less impressed with the College’s seriousness about fraternities than I am. He writes:

The Berkshire Eagle does a follow-up on the St. Anthony Hall situation at Williams, which prompted David Kane to implore members of St. Anthony to take the College up on its offer of amnesty: “Do not underestimate how seriously the College takes the issue of fraternities.”

Interesting. Let’s go back to the original Record article:

Shaw and other St. Anthony Hall alumni have spoken with Cappy Hill, provost of the College, and Steve Birrell, vice president of alumni relations and development, several times during the past few years to negotiate the use of the goat room.

It appears that College administrators have known about St. Anthony Hall for at least “the past few years,” a fact the Berkshire Eagle article actually gets incorrect. All I’ll say is that if College administrators have known about the group’s existence on campus for a few years but haven’t done anything about it, it’s difficult to draw the conclusion the College takes the issue very seriously.

It is, as they say, an empirical question. I would still take the amnesty. After all, what is the cost? They can still have a club, read poetry, hang out in Vermont and so on.

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