Happy Belated Holidays to Ephs far and wide.

Williams continues to get great press from the New York Times. Alas, the article, “College Basketball: At Tiny Williams, Book-smart Players with Big Games,” from December 24 is no longer on-line, but a version still lives in at the International Herald Tribune. The article begins with:

Guard Michael Crotty had his laptop with him for the bus ride home from Worcester after Williams College’s game against Holy Cross. Crotty, a senior, figured he would be able to use the two-hour ride to outline a 25-page paper on military leadership for his history class.

Instead, one of the most improbable upsets of the basketball season happened, and Crotty’s elation bumped aside Napoleon, Churchill and Stalin for a few hours.

Crotty led Williams, a Division III school, to a 78-71 victory on Dec. 4 over the Crusaders, a Division I member that has played in the past three NCAA tournaments.

The whole article is worth a read and there is not a negative word about Williams anywhere. I am a little suspicious about some of the facts in the article. Did most of the basketball players really head to the library at midnight? Unless the libraries are open much later than they used to be, I suspect that they went to work in their rooms.

The article also claims that “Professors will also watch practices and evaluate [men’s basketball coach] Paulsen’s teaching throughout each season.” I certainly believe that Harry Sheehy might serve in this role, but the context implies that “professors” means someone outside of the athletic department. Really? Isn’t Cheryl “Nike Camp with enrichment classes” Shanks a little overworked already?


Again, the article is a run read. Dave Paulsen ’87 was a nice, thoughtful guy 20 years ago. I am sure he is the same today. Williams should seek more coaches like him from among the alumni. They clearly understand what makes Williams special.

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