If you’re on campus, you already got the e-mail about the upcoming trivia contest. But, for those far away, I have posted it below.

One of my regrets was never really playing trivia (although I cheered for a group in Williams C 19 years ago), but, back in the day, trivia was during Reading Period, not Winter Study. Kids today don’t know how easy they have it.

I am not sure if the game will be accessible to those whose radios do not receive 91.9, but I will post any information that I can find.

A twisted nocturnal tradition since 1966, the biannual Williams Trivia radio contest will reach its 75th installment this Friday night (January 9).

As always, the contest will be heard on WCFM (91.9 FM). The anniversary broadcast begins at 11:45pm, and continues until 8:00 Saturday morning. The event will be hosted by the team called “Click Here to Get Huge.”

The contents of Friday night’s contest are top secret, of course. But an embedded source says you can expect to be quizzed on brain-busting details about TV, music, comics, history, sports, movies, and other pop culture detritus. Ha! Your expensive fancy-pants liberal arts education can’t save you now! (Except for the parts about “Williamsiana.”)

Will there be audio bonuses (surgically edited clips built around a central theme)? You betcha!

Will there be hourly Action Trivia, which will require teams to perform bizarre skits, impressions, songs, or other foolishness? Oh, yes!

Will there be a bunch of great songs you haven’t heard in a few years, mixed with grotesque sonic atrocities that cannot be explained? Always!

Will there be surprise extra features and puzzles and challenges in honor of the contest’s 75th edition? No doubt!

Will the contest be half as thrilling and well-fought as the four-hour mini-contest between frosh teams last October, which ended in a razor-thin 1-point victory? Who knows? Unlike the WWE, dog racing, and Presidential elections, Trivia’s outcome is not rigged.

Playing Williams Trivia is simplicity itself. You need a radio to listen, and a phone to call in. Score the most points, and you win!

You’ll also want some likeminded friends who’ll see the obvious wisdom in blearily trying to list Hermione Granger’s entire curriculum at 5 in the morning. You should pack in food supplies…. especially brightly-colored crap. And if you have any interesting props, costumes, or other items you think might net you that extra Action Trivia point, by all means bring ’em along. Then, pick some weird, funny, or obscure reference as your team’s name, and you’re ready to roll!

To view the list of every winning team ever, plus mountains of on-air questions, bonuses, scores, photos, comics, essays and other lunacy, click on over to.

Or just check out what the Williams Record had to say about Trivia in November, 2001.

We hope to see and entertain you at the 75th Williams Trivia contest: January 9-10, 2004. 11:45 pm-8:00 am. On WCFM radio (91.9 FM). The college’s most unusual tradition continues.

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