It’s sad to say, but I often only find out about famous and accomplished Ephs when their number comes up and they end up in the obituaries. John Toland ’36 passed away two days ago. The AP reports:

John Toland, who won the 1971 Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction for “The Rising Sun,” a historical narrative of the rise and fall of the Japanese empire during World War II, died Sunday at Danbury Hospital, he was 91.

Although “The Rising Sun” won the Pulitzer, Toland may best be known for “Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography,” originally published in 1976. “Hitler” became a national bestseller that Newsweek called “the first book that anyone who wants to learn about Hitler or the war in Europe must read … a marvel of fact.”

Tamiko Toland said her father may have generated the most controversy with his 1982 book, “Infamy: Pearl Harbor and its Aftermath,” in which he wrote about evidence that President Franklin Roosevelt knew about the attack but remained silent.

Alas, I haven’t read any of Toland’s books. Note that, at least judging by names, Toland’s wife is Japanese-American. I would wager that there is an interesting back story there.

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