Williams College scoops national media: Though the vast majority of the world couldn’t care less, Bill Bradley has endorsed Dean for the Democratic nomination. Bradley was at Williams in October helping North Adams Regional Hospital kick off its capital campaign (the tie between Bradley and NARH is complicated and not too interesting) and essentially made the Dean endorsement at that time:

“[Dean] has potential to be the recipient of the public upswelling, and gives the idea that we can shape our future,” Bradley said.

Incidentally, I should use this time to introduce myself as David has kindly asked me to join him on the blog now that I have too much free time on my hands. My name is Mike Needham. I’m a Williams senior double majoring in political science and economics. I’m the former editor of the Record (ergo, the free time); I’m an avid sports fan, but understand where those people who are labeled “anti-athletics” at Williams are coming from and often agree with them; I talk to much when I’m drunk and sometimes even when I’m not. Though it is winter study up here at Williams, I am not drunk right now.

With that, I will be serving as on-campus correspondent mainly by default as Scott Grinsell has been AWOL from his posting obligations.

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