The Ephs lost to Amherst last night in men’s basketball. The game does not look to have been particularly good, but there is a nice overview article on the basketball rivalry here. Best quotes are:

The football battles between the two schools are the stuff of legend. The annual season finale (called ”The Biggest Little Game in America” at Williams, and simply ”The Game” at Amherst) is the longest-running Division III rivalry in the country.

Amherst graduate and former NFL tight end Jean Fugett articulated the meaning of the contest perfectly in the early 1990s when he said, ”I remember my last Williams game better than I remember Super Bowl X – and I started in both games.”

[Amherst Basketball coach] Hixon has devoted much of his life to this rivalry. He played at Amherst in the mid-1970s, losing both games to Williams on the freshman team, and then all six on the varsity.

When his career ended with a loss to the Ephs, he sat slumped in the locker room long after his teammates had left until an old custodian came to mop up. He looked at Hixon, still clad in his uniform, and said, ”C’mon, boy, you have to take that shirt off sometime.”

I can’t speak for Hixon, but here at the Williams Blog, we’ll never take our shirts off . . . er . . . something like that.

Best tidbit is that Basketball coach Dave Paulsen ’87 was Phi Beta Kappa. Who knew? ;-)

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