The NFL Playoffs have take precedence over blogging, but it’s worth mentioning that yesterday was an awful day for Ephs sports, not only because of the men’s basketball loss which David already mentioned.

Women’s swimming and diving had a 104-meet winning streak snapped yesterday by the ‘Herst as well.

The men’s basketball loss was too depressing to write about.

As for Paulsen being Phi Beta Kappa, the Record ran a profile of him last March.

Off the court, Paulsen quietly earned Phi Beta Kappa honors in history. One of his advisors, the late Russ Bostert, foresaw great things for him in the field, if only he could resist the temptation of coaching basketball.

“He told me, ‘Do that for a few years, and when you see the error of your ways, go get a Ph.D.,’ or something like that,” Paulsen said.

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