Morty and some Trustees are coming to Boston tonight for a meet and greet. The Williams Blog will be there. Alas, this is a standard all-the-hoi-polloi event — not an exclusive dinner for the movers and shakers (read: rich folks) of the alumni world — so I am not sure how much time I will get with the powers that be. However, I do expect to get in my fair share of questions.

Are there any questions that readers of this blog, especially current students and faculty, would like answered?

I will be pushing two issues, at least. First is the case of baseball coach Dave Barnhard. Williams should have more faculty (both athletic and academic) like him, so it is distressing to see how he has been bullied by the administration. Second is the issue of Morty’s pay. If $400,000 per year is OK (I don’t think it is), how much would be too much? This is a big and complex topic, but I am will be curious to hear the trustees’ thoughts on the issue.

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