Although I’ll care a lot more about this 10 years from now (my eldest daughter is in the second grade), the Record reports that 214 applicants were admitted early. Highlights included:

The average score of the applicant pool was 1402, with 697 verbal and 705 math. Accepted students averaged 1427, with 709 verbal and 718 math.

Those admitted via early decision for the Classes of 2007, 2006 and 2005 had average scores of 1412, 1411 and 1401, respectively, with average scores for the entire applicant pools generally in the 1380 range.

The SAT was rescaled a few years ago, so 1420 now is not like a 1420 back in the day. Graduates from more than 10 years ago should think of this as closer to 1320. Still, the trend over the last few years is clear and the jump from 1401 to 1427 is impressive by any measure.

Applicants also showed prowess in other areas. According to Nesbitt, the group was “very good right across the board — [with] lots of non-academic talent as well.”

Of the accepted students, 15 are talented musicians. Three have high ratings in theater, three have won national writing awards and two have top studio-art portfolios. Additionally, 14 are research-oriented science students.

Thirty-six students are athletic tips, although the entire class will include 66 athletic tips in total. This number is similar to those of previous years; last year, 37 tips were admitted early.

Of course, the general claim is that the College treats all sorts of non-academic talents in a similar fashion. Alas, we know that this is not true. Most, if not all, of those “talented musicians” would have been accepted regardless of their abilities. Almost none of the athletic tips would have gotten in without skill on the field. Perhaps a case can be made for this double standard, but the first step would be admitting that a double standard exists and quantifying the magnitude of it. For example, compare and contrast the average SAT score of the 36 admitted athletic tips versus that of the 23 (15 + 3 + 3 + 2) artists. Without knowing the facts, I would bet that the average tip score was below 1250 while that for the artists was pretty close to the 1427 average for the whole group of accepted applicants.

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