Shimon Rura ’03 sent in this message.

Today I found guidestar, a site that makes available a bunch of data on nonprofits. If you register with them (for free) you can view wonderfully informative things like the Williams form 990 for fiscal 2002, which I’ve mirrored for your convenience here.

According to this document, two of Williams’ most highly paid independent contractors are investment managers, ringing in at $2.3M and $1.2M. Aside from the top 5, 37 other contractors received over $50k for services.

On the other hand I am pleased to say Williams incurred no expenses for lobbying. :)

Thanks to Shimon for making this data so easily accessible. Of course, the College should, in the spirit of transparency, make this form available for easy downloading from its web site. I’ll try to ask about that. This year’s form should be out soon.

One item that jumps out, from the first page of “Schedule A” is that Professors Goethals and Hill made more than $200,000. Since Hill is also Provost, there is presumably a rationale for why her compensation is higher than other professors. I am not sure how Goethals ended up so high on the list, although I think that he served as Provost in the past.

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