The Record has a fun follow-Morty-for-a-day piece this week. Best part was:

I found out that Morty also likes to set up students and alums on blind dates.

Morty and his wife Mimi met on a blind date orchestrated by mutual friends, so Morty says he feels an obligation to help someone else find his or her future spouse. On one of the matches Morty made, he actually accompanied the couple on their first date to the restaurant and picked up the tab. That couple is now married with two children.

We are at the Williams Blog are inveterate matchmakers ourselves, so this is another reason why Morty rules. Morty was even in the vicinity when my wife and I got together 16 years ago, although I don’t recall him actually setting us up. However, he did remember (more than a decade after the fact!) our coupledom, which I found truly amazing.

Perhaps I am a bad person for giving Morty such a hard time about his salary . . .


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