Looks like Louise Gluck will be leaving Williams.

Current U.S. Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Louise Gluck has been tapped to teach poetry in the Yale English Department for a five-year renewable term beginning this fall, Yale College Dean Richard Brodhead said Wednesday evening.


1) I would love to know the inside scoop on how good a teacher Gluck was and how much of a loss this represents for future Williams students.

2) Live by the star, die by the star. The college, rightly, made a big deal of the fact that Gluck was a Pulitzer-prize winning Poet Laureate. I suspect that we won’t see a similar press release and “Of note . . .” entry on the home page announcing her departure.

3) It will be tough for even our highly knowledgeable College sources to report on the details of any negotiations between Gluck and Williams. The College, presumably, would have liked her to stay and would have been willing to pay up for the privilege. But, most likely, it would have been tough for the College to compete against Yale.

“Strong poets are always sought after, and it’s never easy to recruit the best faculty to Yale because everybody wants the same people,” Yale College Associate Dean Penelope Laurans, an English poetry professor, said.

4) Not to get too snarky, but I love this part:

Yale President Richard Levin, who said he especially enjoys Gluck’s 1996 book “Meadowlands,” said Gluck’s appointment is “fabulous” for the University.

Note the use of “especially” here. In other words, Levin has read all sorts of poetry and/or lots of Gluck’s poetry, but he “especially” likes Meadowlands. Perhaps. But Levin is an economist by training. Economists are not famous for their poetry consumption or taste. I’ll put this in the too-good-to-check category.

Of course, some of my best friends are economists.


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