There is a certain type of person — my gracious sister-in-law is one — who regularly reads the wedding announcements in The New York Times. Today, there is one for a dual-Eph wedding featuring Margaret Ting ’00 and Michael Ryan ’98. Alas, I can’t find any picture in the on-line edition. Attendees with pictures should send them in.

Michael Ryan deserves note for several reasons.

1) He was smart enough to marry an Eph Woman.

2) He was smart enough to marry a professional — doctor, no less! — Eph Woman. Back in the 80’s, feminists of my acquaintance were fond of claiming that men were intimidated by women with independent careers. I suppose that there must be some who are, but I rarely meet them. In fact, there are few things more liberating, for a man, than having a wife who makes more than you! My advice to the new Mrs. Ryan is “Dermatology.”

3) He was smart enough to marry a professional Eph Woman of Chinese (I presume) descent. It is beyond reasonable dispute that daughters born to mixed-race Eph parents are purple mountain beautiful. This is especially true when the mother is in medicine and the father in finance.

4) Ryan, “a vice president of Capital Z Investment Partners in New York, evaluates hedge fund investments.” By one of those weird Eph connections, Ryan was evaluating me not too long ago. It is truly a small Eph world out there.

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