My fellow blogger Mike Needham ’04 is too modest to point this out, but he has a new op-ed in the Record entitled “Building Campus Community.” He writes:

Upon reflection, the goals of the CUL – increasing interactions between peers who otherwise rarely interact while revitalizing a sense of common community – are exactly the goals we should pursue, but the recommendations the CUL made to achieve those goals were not sufficient for the task.

Reinvigoration of our community and sense of camaraderie is an attainable objective, but one that will come at significant cost. By requiring students to live in the same randomly-assigned house for their sophomore through senior years, we can recreate the feeling of fraternity many of our alumni talk about, but is lacking at Williams today.

Alas, Mike is completely, totally wrong on this one. Would anyone who lived at Williams during the old housing regime disagree? It wasn’t a bad system, but I would wager that campus community is stronger now then it was then.

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