Apparently, I am “completely, totally wrong” regarding my views on residential life at Williams. Unfortunately, I can’t really engage David’s argument as the analysis more or less ends there. As for whether anyone who lived under the house affiliation system agrees with my piece, the answer is “yes” as I’ve received far more positive feedback then negative from alums from that era (indeed, the only negative feedback from alums I’ve gotten regarding the piece is David’s blog post and, it should be noted, that as a member of the class of 1988 David not only didn’t live under the house affiliation system, but didn’t even go to school with anybody that did).

Anyhow, none of that’s important. Any system you implement will have advantages and disadvantages. We can argue about the relative merits of different systems or even the ends that the College should be pursuing, but I don’t know of one person who has seriously examined issues of residential life at Williams who is as dismissive of the idea of house affiliation as David apparently is.

David, I’d love for you to more fully articulate why a house affiliation system would be such a travesty.

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