A letter in the Record advocates the creation of a MASSPirg chapter on campus. I’ll leave the fisking of the letter to Mike Needham, but it is beyond pathetic for the author, Jeremy Koulish ’04, to claim that “MassPIRG remains clearly nonpartisan.” Their legislative priorities for 2003-2004 may be reasonable, even praiseworthy, but they are also almost totally liberal/Democratic.

What makes MASSpirg different than other groups is that it seeks to raise funds by imposing a fee on all Williams students, directly on their term bills, and then move some of this money off-campus.

MASSpirg was a scam 20 years ago and it is a scam today. Students at Williams should be free to do as they like and raise money either via their own means or from the standard funding mechanisms like College Council. No group should be permitted to use the College itself as a funding mechanism.

We fought about this in College Council 20 years ago. I guess that it is nice to see that Ephs are still fighting about it.

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