In other Eph football coaching related news, Dave Clawson ’89 has been named head football coach at the University of Richmond. See also here.

“I am very excited and feel privileged and honored for the opportunity to lead the football program here,” said Clawson, who was named the Patriot League Coach of the Year in 2001 and 2002. “I hope in a short period of time that we can produce a football team that the administration, students and alumni of Richmond can be proud of.”

Coaching, whether of football or anything else, has got to be a tough business on the family, given how often a coach-on-the-rise would want to move around. Consider that Clawson has coached at Albany, Buffalo, Lehigh, and Fordham.

I wonder if Clawson expressed an interest in the opening at Williams and whether or not that interest was reciprocated.

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