iBerkshires has this notice today:

Art lecture

WILLIAMSTOWN –Sweetwood Senior Residential Community has announced a public lecture by S. Lane Faison Jr., the Amos Lawrence professor of art, emeritus, at Williams College, on Thursday, March 4, at 4 p.m. in the Sweetwood auditorium, 1611 Cold Spring Road (Route 7).

Faison, who served on the Williams faculty for 40 years and was director of the Williams College Museum of Art from 1948 to 1976, will talk on “Looking For Art in the Painting.”

The lecture is sponsored by the Garfield Republican Club.

I can’t even articulate why tidbits like this are so moving (to me).

Part of it is an appreciation of the dramatic influence that Faison and the other giants of Art History at Williams have had on their students and their field. There really is a Williams art history “Mafia”, and Faison, Stoddard, Pierson, et al started it more than 50 years ago.

Part is the knowledge that there is a Sweetwood “Senior Residential Community” in my future. I am still closer to Williams than I am to it, but that claim will not be true a few more reunions from now. I can only hope that I am still listening to lectures like this in 2044 or so. (My wife certainly hopes that I won’t be giving them!)

Part is the pleasure in seeing the Garfield Republican Club take part in such a non-partisan endeavor. Hats off to whatever Eph(s) put this all together.

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