Political Science professors James McAllister and Mark Reinhardt were quoted in this iBerkshires article entitled “Democrats Slam Nader’s Run.”

Mark Reinhardt, another Williams College political science professor called Nader’s candidacy “indefensible.”

At this point, the naive reader might conclude that Reinhardt is a man of the Left. After all, most conservatives/Republicans think that Nader’s candidacy is not just defensible, but delightful.

“This will be the most momentous election in decades. It’s going to be close, and it’s hard to see how Nader’s candidacy will help,” said Reinhardt. “I’m reasonably hopeful he’s not going to be the disruptive force he was in the last election. A decent number of people who supported him then are contrite about what they did. Once burned, twice shy.”

He added, “Nader’s case in 2000 was that it really didn’t matter which of the two main parties won. I cannot believe that any sensible person, looking at the world, would believe that now.”

Yet, here we see that Reinhardt is not a true man of the Left. After all, Senator Kerry is anti-gay marriage, a paid-in member of the ruling plutocracy, in favor of the continued occupation of Iraq, a long-time proponent of economic exploitation of poor countries (i.e., a “free trader”) and unwilling to acknowledge the continued global disasters resulting from US hegemony.

Only in the restricted setting of Williams College could a man like Reinhardt ever be considered a true respresentative of the Left. The fact that some crazy alumni think that the College needs more “conservative” professors is just another sign of their disconnection from both life at Williams and, even, reality itself.

At least, that’s one way of looking at it.


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