Eph Blog (or EphBlog or ephBlog) is a collaborative effort among purple people to provide news, discussion and debate about anything and everything having to do with Williams College. Eph Blog began life as an effort to generate interest in the 15th year reunion of the class of 1988. It later morphed into the Williams College Blog.

The main reasons for moving to this new location is: 1) Our new tool (Movable Type) allows for comments. Although we welcome new bloggers to our collective effort, you can now say what you think without the bother and responsibility of signing up. 2) Movable Type has lots of interesting features that we hope to make use of in the future. 3) Blogger, our old tool, was more than a little annoying.

So, welcome to our new home. Feel free to let us know what you think and what you would like to see.

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