In the entire on-line archive of the Record, the word “effulgent” appears only once — in Aidan’s thoughtful piece on the demise of the health center.

One benefit of the Health Center’s dramatic death will be that the much maligned facility will be remembered fondly. Castigated as only being capable of diagnosing mononucleosis, the Health Center has, in the warm glow of nostalgia, become lionized as our bulwark against alcohol poisoning, the ne plus ultra for irresponsible first-years.

I think this effulgent praise is misplaced, based on a posthumous re-evaluation of the Center’s merits.

I think that Finley makes too much about the risks of alcohol poisoning. While it is easy to drink to excess, it is extremely hard to kill yourself this way, at least in the absence of a fraternity-type ritual. I only know of one case in Massachusetts in the last decade, and that was clearly fraternity related.

In any event, whether you agree or disagree with him, Finley’s prose is a marvelous, even effulgent.

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