Long time readers will recall that this blog began life as a tool for the 15th year reunion for the class of 1988. The basic idea was to provide updates on people’s activities since graduation as a means of generating interest in, and attendance at, the reunion. A classic early example of such a posting is here, but all of February, March and April 2003 are filled with similar tidbits.

We also enjoyed posting yearbook photos of both classmates and faculty. Some people sent in updates on their lives in a more thorough fashion. You can see examples of these “Eph Blurbs” here and here and here.

In any event, we would like to offer these pages to the reunioners in the ‘x4 and ‘x9 classes for similar use. So, if you are on your reunion committee and want to do something like this, let us know. It is easy for us [easy for genius Eric you mean — ed Whatever!] to add you as a blogger. If you can type and Google, the rest is easy. Moreover, the comments feature of Movable Type will allow for a lot more interaction than we had on Blogspot.

Eric (class of ’99) and I (married into ’89) may well do some of this ourselves, but it only really worked last year when we had a bunch of people googling away on it.

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