David La 01′ sent in this history about MassPIRG at Williams:

I was just reading on your Monday post about MassPIRG, and I thought I’d mention that the student fee-bill issue came up during my freshman year in 97-98. In addition to the usual campus-wide elections that year, the student body was asked whether they wanted to continue funding the campus MassPIRG chapter via an additional levy on their tuition bills. Despite a good effort from MassPIRG members, MassPIRG was effectively shut down after students rejected the fee. I vaguely remember the discussions that went on about the fee, but I do know some people wondered why the MassPIRG fee had to be levied on every student via their tuition bill. I knew some students who had been pretty involved with MassPIRG, and they obviously felt very passionate about the group. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see that the MassPIRG issue is coming up again.

What goes around, comes around.

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