Aidan, back from a blogging hiatus, comments on “37,000 reasons Williams isn’t the ‘real world'”.

In last week’s article about the Health Center forum (Feb 24, 2004), Dean Roseman was quoted saying: “welcome to the real world…this is how it works.” I find this statement troubling, and not in line with Dean Roseman’s earlier statement that Williams needs to think “about the kinds of things we can do and the kinds of programming or support systems we can put in place” instead of merely bemoaning the loss of the Health Center.

There are thirty seven thousand reasons this isn’t the “real world.”

Although lacking the sort of brillant artistic/historical reference that we have come to expect from Aidan, this article is still a fine read. [How long are you going to keep sucking up to Finley? — ed As long as it takes for him to join ephblog! Good luck. — ed]

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