There is so much good stuff in this week’s Record that it is hard to know where to begin. The center piece is 6 articles — the first installment of a two part series — on alcohol at Williams. This is clearly Bart Clareman’s ’05 first big project as the new editor-in-chief at the Record. He and his writers have done a fine job.

Clareman begins the series:

Embarassed by the behavior of students at Homecoming and fearful that a student might succomb to the effects of alcohol poisoning, the Committee on Undergraduate Life (CUL), in concert with the College administration, has redoubled its efforts to change the nature of the alcohol culture at Williams College. To be sure, ensuring the safety of the student body is a noble and worthwhile pursuit. But how does the College understand the drinking culture as it exists today? How does it intend to change that culture?

Good questions indeed.

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