David, you are really just completely wrong on the issue of College donations to Mt. Greylock HS. You bring up Gary Jacobsohn, who spent 30 years at the College and raised his family in Williamstown. Michael MacDonald raised his family here as well. James McAllister and Marc Lynch each have young daughters. So you have the four most respected members of the political science department and all have significant interests in the quality of the community in which this college exists.

You claim that the College is just allowing local residents not to raise property taxes. Well that’s fine, but you ignore the fact that perhaps what the local community values is different from what tenured members of the Williams faculty desire. Perhaps raising property taxes to provide high quality high school education is not a tradeoff the local population is willing to make while the Williams College faculty would. It seems like a completely reasonable assumption to make that people with Ph.D.s are more likely to place a higher value on education than people without them.

I suppose you could raise faculty salaries by enough to pay for sending their kids to boarding school, plus compensating for however much they value their kids staying at home. Of course, you couldn’t just raise the salaries of faculty with kids, so this route would end up costing you 250 x $30,000 (at least) = $7,500,000. So, yeah, that’s kinda a dumb way to go about things.

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